Open-CV with Python in Ubuntu 11.10

Installing Open-CV python library in Ubuntu 11.10 is pretty much easy. You just have to install 'python-opencv' library and you are ready to go. Just copy and run following command to install 'python-opencv' library. You need to have superuser permission.

sudo apt-get install python-opencv

In order to test if it is installed properly, we will run a sample code ''. This code will open and display an image using opencv. Take any .jpg file and put it in a same folder as ''.
Now open '' in emacs or gedit or any of your favorite text editor and write the following code.
import cv
image = cv.LoadImageM("image_file_name.jpg")
cv.ShowImage("Title", image)

Now open terminal and go to the folder containing ''. Type the following command and you will see the image in a window.

This window with image will disappear upon keyboard input. Thats it! you have successfully installed opencv libraries for python.

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